Learn why custom window treatments are the best way to go when you need privacy, sun control or just want to enhance your windows with fabric!

Do you have bare windows that need window treatments – draperies, roman shades or valances?  In this post, I’m going to share with you why window treatments that are made specifically for your windows can be a much better choice than store-bought for your windows.

1. You can choose from hundreds of fabrics – When you buy window treatments from a store, you’ll only have a few fabrics to choose from.  But, if you have window treatments made for your windows, then you can choose exactly the right fabric for your room.   A fabric that is the right color and pattern to go with the other furnishings and accessories that you already have in your room.

2. Better quality fabrics and linings – Many times the fabrics and linings that store-bought window treatments are made of are not very good quality.  They can be quite thin and almost see through when put up at a window.

3. The window treatments will be made better – Whether you have someone else make your window treatments, or you make them yourself, they will usually be sewn better than store-bought window treatments.

4. The window treatments will fit your windows –  This is probably one of the best reasons for choosing custom over store-bought window treatments.  The draperies, valances or roman shades will be made to fit your windows.  For instance, if you’re wanting draperies for your windows, you’ll only have two or three choices for the length of the draperies.  They may be the right length for your window, or they may not.

5. Custom details – When you choose to have custom window treatments made, or make them yourself, you’ll have the choice to add any custom details.  Like banding, cording, and trim.  These details will make your custom window treatments stand out from store-bought treatments.

Custom window treatments aren’t for everyone. They can be expensive if you have someone else make them for you.  But, if you love to sew, I would suggest making the window treatments yourself.

Sewing your own window treatments can be very rewarding for all of the reasons above.  If you’d like to make your own window treatments, I offer classes in which I teach you, step-by-step, how to make window treatments for your home.  You can find more information about my classes HERE.