Learn how to hand sew with this detailed video tutorial. The invisible or ladder stitch can help you close a pillow, or hem curtains and roman shades.

Learn how to hand sew

As a maker, learning how to hand sew has become an art that brings peace and contentment to our soul. As our hands begin the rhythm of guiding the needle in and out of fabric our mind retreats to a place of solitude. Here, we can settle our busy mind, find joy and a sense of accomplishment as we create beautiful things.

The good news, it doesn’t take a seasoned seamstress to learn how to hand sew, actually, it’s incredibly easy to learn. There are a number of basic stitches, my favorite is the Invisible stitch, sometimes known as the Ladder or Slip stitch.

This stitch is used when sewing closed pillows, cushions, side seams in valances, mitered corners on panels and hems in Roman shades.

Learn How To Hand Sew

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Materials Needed:

Thimble (if needed)
Sewing Apron

I’ve created a detailed video tutorial to show you how to close a pillow using the Invisible stitch.

 I’ve also written out the steps below the video for you to follow along.



  • Press down your seam, creating a soft fold as your stitching guide.
  • Thread your needle using thread that matches your face fabric (I have used black thread for demonstration purposes).
  • Begin by hiding the knot on the inside of the pillow.
  • Move the needle directly to the opposite fold and take 1/4” stitch along the folded edge. Alternate the stitches, from one fold to another. The threads will look like the rungs on a ladder.
  • After a few stitches, pull the thread taut, to create the invisible seam.
  • Repeat the stitch and continue until finished. Loop the thread and make a knot.
  • Run the needle under the fabric, and clip the tail.

And there, you’re done!

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