This will probably be the most personal blog post I will share, but I think it’s important to tell you how this whole career of sewing and teaching came to be. What made Sandra V who she is today?

My Grandmother Mary was larger than life. She was beautiful, witty and she was a master seamstress, so she was fashionable, too. Her clothes were quite literally a work of art. And she made sure mine were, too. To say I adored her is an understatement.

When I was five years old, she took me from her shadows and taught me how to sew. She was patient and kind. She taught me to appreciate the details. I was hooked. Even today, I count sewing as one of the things I love most (behind my family of course).

Sewing is rooted in me – as much so as my red hair, freckles and laughter. When it’s quiet and I’m sewing in my workroom, I imagine Grandmother Mary smiling down at me, proud that she taught me to love sewing like she did. Prouder that I made a career of sewing. And, I know she is absolutely beaming watching me teach others the art of sewing.

I am thankful for my Grandmother’s influence, and I am humbled to be teaching each and every one of you.