An Easy Guide to Making Cornice Boards!

Cornice boards can be stylish yet classic!

Given the materials they are made of, cornice boards are seen as the structured window treatment. But when paired with an endless array of shapes, fabrics, and styles, you can be sure to find a cornice board that adds a touch of personality to your space.

Picture a leathered covered cornice with bold nailheads, giving the man cave that masculine touch. Looking for that touch of elegance, layer a cornice with curtains that flow over or under the cornice. Maintain a timeless yet trendy look by applying banding, and flat braids.  Mix a combination of textures and patterns, to create a youthful and fun cornice for a child’s room.

Purpose of a Cornice Board

A cornice board is one of the most versatile window treatments. Its purpose can simply be to dress up a plain window by adding color and style to the room. It can hide an unsightly shade or curtain hardware. They can be easily be paired with other treatments like curtains, Roman shades, and even blinds, giving the room a warmer feel.

How to Make a Cornice Board

Cornice boards are one of my favorite window treatments to make, mainly because they are sew easy! Actually, they require very little sewing! Grab your saw and stapler, you’ll begin by building, then covering the frame.

How to make a frame for a Fabric covered cornice board


Basic Materials and Supplies:

  • For the frame use, Oriented strand board (OSB), Plywood, or FirmaFlex™
  • Fabric
  • Lining
  • Dacron batting
  • Welt cord
  • Handheld, electric or pneumatic stapler
  • Sewing machine

Looking for more of a custom look? Using a coordinating fabric, simply add a banding or cording along the bottom and/or top edge.

Add welt cord to a fabric covered cornice board

Remember, you are not limited to just fabric when it comes to covering a cornice! You’ll find more examples in my YouTube video where I demonstrate how you can embellish a cornice with braid, belts, covered cord and even grommets!

How to embellish fabric covered cornice board

If you’re ready to begin making cornice boards, I offer a video where I will take you step-by-step on how to build a frame, and cover your very own cornice board.

Make a cornice board

Click HERE for my cornice board tutorial!

You will learn how to plan, build and cover your very own cornice boards?

How To Make A Cornice Board